where to buy the finest Bhagalpuri Chadar online?

Some history


India’s textiles are highly valued and admired around the world for their appearance, texture, and beauty. India has a vast and rich history. Each region of India contributes to the development of a diverse range of textile traditions. Famous woollen Indian textiles include the pashmina and shahtoosh shawls of Kashmir, shawls and woollen clothing from Himachal Pradesh, and other north-eastern states. The western states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are known for their brightly coloured embroidered textiles. Textiles made of cotton and silk that are greatly in demand can be found on the south-eastern coast, such as Bhagalpuri Chadar from Bhagalpur. All regions of the nation create the practical textile products used in home furnishings, including bedspreads and sheets, linens and mats, carpets, and rugs, among many other things.

Bhagalpur is the major eastern handloom city in Bihar and the third largest city in the state. Bhagalpur is known as India’s “Handloom City” and the world’s “Silk City.” Has a history of producing the finest linen, silk, and unique handcrafted products for over centuries. Bihar alone has an army of 90,000 wavers, whereas Bhagalpur contributes 33% of that total. An estimated, 30000 weavers working on over 25000 handlooms. Surely the number is big but doesn’t compromise with the quality of the products.

Bhagalpuri silk

The Queen of all materials is Bhagalpuri Silk because it combines royalty with a variety of styles and is incredibly soft and lightweight. They come in brilliant and multiple colours and have a highly elegant and appealing appearance. Antheraea paphia silkworm cocoons are used to produce bhagalpuri silk. This species is indigenous to India and is also known as the Vanya silkworm. These silkworms reside in Terminalia-species trees in the untamed woodlands. Bhagalpuri silk is mostly processed in Nathnagar. The silk is used to make Shawls, Kurtis, and other clothing items in addition to saris and chadar.


Bhagalpuri products

Knitting was a familial custom among a group of low-paying people in Bhagalpur. Bhagalpur has over 50,000 handicrafts (Ballpark figure), 90 per cent of which are artisans, and 35,000 handlooms. Every year, a diverse range of products are manufactured in Bhagalpur, primarily in the categories of home furnishings and ethnic clothes. Bhagalpuri saree, Bhagalpuri Chadar, Bhagalpuri silk bed sheets, Bhagalpuri designer Dupatta, men’s kurta-pyjamas, table covers, curtains, cushion covers, and other items.

Bhagalpuri Chadar

It is one of the staple products of the Bhagalpur handloom industry. The Bhagalpuri Chadar or the Bhagalpur Andi chadar is put together using the finest quality fabrics and crafted by the professional artisans of Bhagalpur. Our sensitive skin deserves the greatest products; thus the 100% organic staple yarn (a blend of cotton and silk) is precisely crafted for the super-soft touch. The cosiest chadar is Bhagalpuri, which has a silky-soft feel. Its delicate texture and sophisticated appearance will undoubtedly astound you. The Chadar has an organic feel that conveys a lively feeling.

bhagalpuri silk chadar

The Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar has a multipurpose function that can also be used as a bedspread and a comforter. Moreover, having global recognition, Arab nations have made a significant demand for this chadar for a few years. Iranians wear this chadar in the form of a Safa, or turban.

And the best part is, this chadar is used all year round because it is comfortable to wear, feels light and toasty in the winter, and cool in hot, muggy weather. This product is so natural and delicate that even a baby may use it. The chadar is easy to maintain, lasts a long time, is comfortable to use, and is simple to wash.

Types of Bhagalpuri Chadar

The Bhagalpuri chadar mainly comes in a single colour, yellow, red, pink, blue, and the classic bhagalpuri dull chadar. Bhagalpuri Chadar is a combination of two-color yarns, in the weaving process two- or three-color yarns are used to create a striped pattern. The Bhagalpur Patta chadar comes in distinct colours such as Patta Red, Patta Pink, Patta Green, Patta Blue, Red Green Patta Blue, and more. The double yarn bhagalpuri chadar is made by twisting and weaving them together. They have the classic natural yellow colour and are usually longer.

Where to buy Bhagalpur Silk Chadar

Bhagalpuri chadar can be used in various ways, for various purposes, during various seasons, and in various geographical locations. Additionally, you can use this multifunctional, all-weather Chadar to give it to your loved ones on special occasions or just because you care. Buy Bhagalpuri chadar online and other artisanal goods on NativeClap. Bhagalpuri bedsheets are also available at offline stores all across India. Support the handloom sector and help Indian weavers who craft goods with more than just their hands but also their hearts and souls.