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Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar is Ideal For Every Age Group

Making a product ideal for every age group means providing many features to it. Different age groups have different requirements for the same product. There is a wide range of this type of product available in the market. Let us stick to a comforter. Somebody wants their comforter to be soft, some others want it […]

Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar

Traditional products are in trend. But getting an original traditional product is not an easy job. India is a country with vast diversity. All 28 states have some famous products. Especially if we talk about apparel and home accessories, we get a very long list. Pashmina Shawls, Banarsi Saree, Lucknowi Kurta, Jaipur Bandhani dresses, Bhagalpur […]

Life span of a Bhagalpuri Chadar

Every 3 out of 5 people think and inquire about the product’s life span before buying it. Are you also one of them who asks about the product’s longevity? Well, the answer is, yes, you are one of them. Almost every customer out there asks or studies the product’s life. Here we have explained the […]

Price of Bhagalpuri Chadar

Are you wondering why the price of Bhagalpuri Chadar is different in different shops and websites? It is because the price of a product, especially that of clothes depends on various factors like quality, fabric, production charge, label, color or the dye used, transportation charge, and the list goes on. About Bhagalpuri chadar   The […]

Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar: A TRADITIONAL PRODUCT

After a long period, the traditional products have hopped back on trend. Whether it’s the painting of the Mithila region, or clothes, and accessories of Bhagalpur city every product is back in demand now. People’s love for traditional products is increasing day- by day. One of these highly loved traditional products is Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar. […]

Bhagalpuri dull chadar for summer

In the summer season, people pay more attention to fabric than to other factors like the design or color of the product. Everybody must have heard from the elder members of their family to choose comfortable and soft fabric clothes to use in summer. According to fashion experts, during the summer season, people should use […]

10 Benefits of Bhagalpuri Chadar

Isn’t it amazing that you can use any apparel in all seasons and for many different purposes with great ease, style, and comfort? Here are the 10 benefits of Bhagalpuri chadar. Bhagalpuri Chadar is an ideal product that is in use throughout the year. It is an all-season all-purpose chadar. In local areas, Bhagalpuri Chadar […]

10 reasons why you must have a Bhagalpuri Handloom Chadar

Questions arise as to why one should have a Bhagalpuri Handloom Chadar when he/ she can use any normal chadar that is far cheaper than the traditional Bhagalpuri Chadar, Or how a Bhagalpuri Chadar is different from any other chadar. Here are 10 reasons why you must have a Bhagalpuri handloom chadar. Bhagalpuri Handloom Chadar […]

where to buy the finest Bhagalpuri Chadar online?

Some history   India’s textiles are highly valued and admired around the world for their appearance, texture, and beauty. India has a vast and rich history. Each region of India contributes to the development of a diverse range of textile traditions. Famous woollen Indian textiles include the pashmina and shahtoosh shawls of Kashmir, shawls and […]

Madhubani Paintings: The Disappearing Art.

Origin Mithila paintings are another name for Madhubani art. It is a traditional Indian and Nepalese painting style that is prominent in both nations’ Mithila region. It was named after the Madhubani District in Bihar, India. These paintings are created using natural dyes and pigments. To add on a variety of materials, including fingers, twigs, […]