Bhagalpuri dull chadar for summer

In the summer season, people pay more attention to fabric than to other factors like the design or color of the product. Everybody must have heard from the elder members of their family to choose comfortable and soft fabric clothes to use in summer. According to fashion experts, during the summer season, people should use fabrics like Cotton, Khadi, Linen, Silk, and Rayon. These fabrics are natural and lightweight therefore ideal for summertime use.  Also, these natural fabrics are breathable and provide the utmost comfort in warm and sunny weather. Not just the clothes but the fabric is preferred in home décor also.  In the home décor, especially in Chadar, people usually prefer cotton and silk fabric for comfort, softness, and long life. If you have a habit of covering yourself with chadar in summer, Bhagalpuri dull chadar is perfect for you.

Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar

A Bhagalpuri Chadar has every characteristic that a person keeps in mind before buying a chadar. It is made up of Viscose fabric which is a cotton and silk blended material. The Bhagalpuri Chadar is made using two staple yarn which is 100 percent organic, the two staple yarns are twisted together to create the beautiful traditional chadar of full body length. It is also known as Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar. This chadar is created by the local people of Bhagalpur district, a city in Bihar that is also known as “The Silk City of Bihar” and is the second largest producer of silk in the country. The weavers of the district are engaged in this work and are passing these skills to the next generation for ages now.

The material used in making this chadar makes it an all-season all-purpose comfortable chadar. Both fabrics are best for summer use. Cotton is the most natural and popular fabric. It is a breathable fabric because of the tiny pores present in it. This fabric allows the air to pass through the tiny hollow gaps which keep the body cool and absorbs the sweat very quickly. Similarly, the other fabric used that is silk is also one of the most preferred fabrics. The best feature of silk is that it regulates the temperature. In hot summer it keeps the person cool and in the winter season, the silk fabric makes the user’s body feel warm and coziness. It is also a breathable fabric and absorbs moisture. Moreover, the best thing about silk fabric is that it is the softest and the most skin-friendly fabric.

Use of Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar in Summer

In the summer season, the Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar is used in many different ways. It is a multipurpose chadar. In the summer season, this chadar can be used for the following purposes:

  • As a bedsheet

The fabric of this chadar is the reason why Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar can be used as a bedsheet. The cotton fabric makes it ideal for the use of bedcover. Cotton is a natural and skin-friendly fabric that is comfortable and does not harm the user’s skin. Moreover, people prefer soft bedsheets and bedcovers, and the silk fabric blended into the material makes the chadar buttery soft.


  • As an A. C. Blanket

Lightweight, comfortable, easy to handle, perfect fabric, etc., are the required properties that anyone wants in their A. C. Blanket, and all these features are available in the Bhagalpuri chadar which eventually makes it a perfect A. C. blanket. During hot summer nights, one can use this chadar for a snug and restful sleep as the silk fabric regulates the temperature and make the person feel cool.


Color availability

Bhagalpuri dull chadar is available in many different elegant colors. Apart from the traditional dull yellow chadar, the other colors include red, pink, blue, and bright yellow. A different type of Bhagalpuri chadar is also available in the market in which 2 to 3 different color striped yarns are use and are created in two colors, this type of chadar is popularly known as Patta Chadar. Some of them are Patta Red, Patta Pink, Patta Blue, Patta Green, Red- Green Patta, Red- Blue Patta, and more.

Other uses of Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar

It is not just a multipurpose chadar for the summer season but for throughout the year. The Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar is use for multiple uses and in multiple ways. Some of the uses of the chadar are:

  • As a comforter

During autumn, spring, and mild winter seasons, one can use this chadar for the use of a comforter. Bhagalpuri chadar serves as the best comforter as the fabric is Viscose which makes it comfortable, soft, and cozy.


  • Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar as shawl

The rich color availability, fabric, and easy-to-handle features are the reason that many women use this chadar as a shawl at the start and end of the winter season when the weather is pleasant. Also, the color variation and traditional touch make it a perfect option for the shawl. Apart from India, women outside the country also started using this chadar as a shawl.


  • Bhagalpuri Chadar for newborns and elder people

The comfort and softness of this chadar make it suitable for the use of babies and elder members of the family. Usually, people look for soft fabric and let the skin breathe of a newborn baby. This chadar has all those features and is highly use for wrapping a newborn in it. Similarly, the older members of the family want comfort in any fabric, and also because this is a traditional chadar the old people prefer this because it makes them feel connected to their roots.


  • Gift purpose

After a very long time giving traditional products as gifts is once again in trend. Bhagalpuri Chadar is one of them. It is a perfect gift option for the elder members of your family, friends, and relatives on festivals and occasions as a token of your love and cares for them.


  • As a Safa

This traditional chadar has a very high demand in outside India also, mainly from Arab countries. In Iran, the male community of the country has started using this chadar as a Safa. Safa is a piece of cloth that is use to cover the head. It is similar to a Turban- which is usually wear by the people of Punjab State.


  • Best for traveling

During traveling, people try to carry lightweight comforters to avoid any extra luggage. It the lightweight, easy to handle, easy to wash, and dry quickly, and does not require any extra care Bhagalpuri chadar is perfect for traveling purposes.