10 Benefits of Bhagalpuri Chadar

Isn’t it amazing that you can use any apparel in all seasons and for many different purposes with great ease, style, and comfort? Here are the 10 benefits of Bhagalpuri chadar.

Bhagalpuri Chadar is an ideal product that is in use throughout the year. It is an all-season all-purpose chadar. In local areas, Bhagalpuri Chadar is popularly known as Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar. It is made using the traditional method by the native weavers of Bhagalpur. Bhagalpur is also known as “The Silk City” of India. The history of this city and its weavers is about 100 years old. For a very long period, the local people of the town are engaged in this traditional silk clothes-making process. A Bhagalpuri chadar is made up of Viscose Fabric which is a silk and cotton blend material. It is made using two staple yarn which is 100 percent organic. The two staple yarns are twisted together to create the beautiful traditional chadar of full body length. Because the fabric is silk and cotton, it can be used in every season with ease. Also, this is the reason that Bhagalpuri Chadar is comfortable, soft, long-lasting, both machine and hand washable, and easy to handle. The dual fabric is used to make it a perfect chadar for every season. There are multiple benefits of Bhagalpuri Chadar.


Benefits of Bhagalpuri Chadar are a long list. The specialty of this chadar is that it is a multi-purpose chadar. It can be use as a quilt, bedspread, coverlet, and many more. This chadar is in great demand and a huge number of people use it in Arab countries. They use it as a Safa (Turban). In addition to this, Bhagalpuri Chadar is also use as a comforter during traveling. Moreover, it is so soft that it is preferred by every age group. You can give it to the old members of your family. As well as you can wrap your newborns in this super silky chadar. The 10 benefits of Bhagalpuri Chadar are:


  • Summer

The fact that the cotton fabric is in use in making Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar is enough to state that it is one of the best Chadar options to use in the summer season. Due to its multi-purpose use property, many people often use it as a bedspread because of its super soft silky touch. As well as an A. C. Blanket during mild cold summer nights because it provides a cozy feeling in the cold environment.


  • Winter

In the winter season, the comfortable Bhagalpuri Chadar is purposely use as a comforter for newborns and elderly people on a sunny afternoon. Moreover, the best use of this Andi Chadar during winter is that it can be use as a bedspread which makes the bed soft, warm, and cozy in the chilly weather.


  • Autumn, Monsoon, and Spring

During Autumn, Monsoon, and Spring when the weather outside is a little bit cold then this chadar is prefer as a comforter and sometimes as a Coverlet also. Apart from the pale yellow and dull yellow Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar, it is also available in many other distinct colors like Patta Red, Patta green, Patta Pink, and Patta Blue. Due to the availability of these colors, this chadar looks very delicate and elegant if carried as a comforter in Autumn and Spring.




  • As a bedspread

Everyone loves a soft bed cover or a bedsheet. The silk fabric used in making this chadar makes it buttery soft and gives silky smooth touch whenever in use. Because of this feature of the Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar, the homemakers prefer this as a bedcover for their homes so that the members of the family can have a good and comfortable rest on it.


  • As a quilt/ comforter

People prefer this chadar as a quilt or a coverlet because of the warmness and coziness that this chadar provides. In the summer and rainy season, it is mainly use as an A. C. Blanket, and in months when the climate is mild and cold people use it as a comforter.


  • Traveling

During traveling people opt for chadars which are light in weight, comfortable fabric, and which will keep them warm. For all these reasons, this Bhagalpuri Chadar is ideal and suitable for traveling. Due to its lightweight, it is very easy to carry from one place to another. Also, this chadar does not need any extra special care as it is easy to handle.


  • For elders and Newborn

The buttery soft Bhagalpuri Chadar is made of that fabric that is suitable for newborns. The skin of the newborn baby and small kids is sensitive therefore their skin prefers a soft comforter. Also, the skin of newborns and kids can breathe through it during sleep. Adding to it if one talks about the elder and old members of your family, they like to prefer this desi comforter because of its comfort and also because it is traditional apparel which makes them feel connected with their culture and tradition. The weavers of this Chadar are doing this work for ages as this is the gift that they got from their ancestors.


  • Safa

Apart from India, this chadar is in very high demand by people of different countries also. People belonging to Muslim Communities and countries like Arab and Iran order and buy this chadar and carry it in different ways. The women’s community of these countries prefers it as a Shawl whereas the men’s community uses it as a Safa. Safa is a piece of cloth that people use to cover the head. It is similar to a turban that the people of the Sikh community wear.


  • Stole and Shawl

In September, October, and November when the festive season is going on in India, the climate is cool soft frosty the girls and women like to carry the Bhagalpuri Chadar in the form of Shawl and Stole which makes them feel warm and cozy in the chilly weather as well as makes them look traditional in this perfect accessory to carry during festivals. The availability of different colors makes it unique and the best choice for the women’s community to use for different purposes.


  • Perfect gift option

One of the reasons for the popularity of this beautiful traditional Bhagalpuri Chadar is that people highly prefer it as a gift option. Keeping in mind its comfort, ease, fabric, traditional background, rich color availability, and multi-purpose use. And many more qualities people have started using it for gifting their near and dear ones on occasions, festivals. Sometimes without any occasion also as a token of love and care.